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Payroll Online

The-convenience-and-flexibility-Real-Life-are-the-characteristics-of-online-collegeWe understand the modern day business owner; this is why SmartPay provides you with the tools you need to access, run, and approve payroll from any internet device, anytime anywhere.

You no longer have to be in the office or at one specific computer to accesses your payroll.

Your employees will love it too.

We provide your employees with secure online access to their personal payroll history and paystubs.

Payroll Reports

APP_ICONs_Final_-06We provide you with a full array of payroll reports accessible at all times and can be exported into a format that best suits your needs.

What’s more, now you can eliminate the need to ever have to spend time filing away those paper reports, as we have them archived for you and they are always at your fingertips.


New Hire Reporting

Smiling_Businessman_transThanks to the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996, employers, regardless of industry and location, are required by law to report all new hires to their respective state within 20 days.

When you hire a new employee, SmartPay will automatically file the required reporting for your state(s) at no extra charge.


Multi-State Payroll

multi-stateBusinesses with locations or employees in more than one state have additional payroll tax requirements. SmartPay Payroll will handle all your additional states taxes – at no extra charge.

Many small businesses struggle to understand how to properly withhold taxes of employees who do not reside in the state in which they are employed.

SmartPay has you covered.

                                              Time-off and AccrualTravel-icon

We make tracking and accruing vacation, holiday and personal days simple.

In addition, employees may view their accrued time before planning time off

Anytime – Online.


Accounting Software Integration

payrollSave time and reduce errors with SmartPay’s Accounting Integration. Rather than typing payroll information twice, with a couple of mouse clicks you can import your payroll post entry into your general ledger. Importing journal entries, instead of typing them, means no more double data entries that are fraught with potential errors. It also allows you to easily find and review payroll journal entries without digging through paper payroll records. We work with leading small business accounting software providers including Sage 50 (formerly Peachtree), QuickBooks, AccountEdge and Xero software.

                                         Time Clock Integrationclock_large_handpunch

SmartPay’s Time Clock Integration helps you save time, avoid manual typing errors. We integrate with most time clock software providers so you won’t have to change vendors. When you’re ready to run payroll, it takes only a few simple steps to set up Time Clock Integration.


Alerts and Reminders

winweb-remindersStay organized and improve employee morale with our customizable alerts and reminders system, integrated with your SmartPay Payroll Account Center. The alerts and reminders include a rolling calendar and email reminders so you’re aware of compliance changes, payroll deadlines and employee milestones.

With Alerts and Reminders, you can:

• Choose to receive either email reminders or account center alerts for payroll and non-payroll events.

• Track employees’ birthdays and anniversaries.

• Add your own custom alerts and reminders to suit your business needs.



SecurityAlarmed and monitored by on-site security 24/7 and by third parties, SmartPay is equipped with redundant power, networking and additional systems to ensure availability. Your sensitive information is encrypted in our databases. Our Web servers use the strongest available security: 128 bit SSL (256 bit on supported browsers).

Learn more about how we protect your information.


Payroll Pricing

payroll_iconAs a business owner, much too often we get quoted one price only to discover “additional fees & service charges” totaling a much higher cost!

Well, we don’t like this either! This is why our payroll pricing is all-inclusive and straight forward, without nickel and diming you. You will know exactly what the total costs are – without any surprises!

Click or call us today so we can quote you a price that will match your payroll needs.

Getting Started

man-handshakeGetting payroll set up is easy. Simply provide us with:

  1. Federal and State ID numbers
  2. Banking information
  3. Company and employee information.

We will help you with the on boarding process, and you’ll be all ready to run payroll.



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