Business Forms Library

All the forms you need in one easy place.

From I-9s and employment applications through invoices and interview checklists, you’ll find the form you need whenever you need it. Most forms can be pre-populated with company and employee information from your payroll account to save you time.

Use Business Forms and How-To Guides to:

  • Download and print dozens of general business forms.
  •  Choose to have your forms pre-populated with basic company and employee information.
  • Avoid common business practice mistakes with expert advice in our How-To Guides section.
  • Download and print samples of important documents (employee handbooks, job applications, merit certifications, etc.).

Here are some of the business forms available:


IRS Fourms



  • Job Description Questionnaire
  • Job Vacancy Announcement
  • Application for Employment
  • Employee Referral Form
  • Checklist: Resume Review List
  • Reference Check General Release
  • Reference Checklist
  • Interview Form for Employer to Use
  • Sample Interview Questions
  • Examples of Prohibited Interview Questions



  • Sample Offer Letter
  • New-Employee Information Form
  • Notices to Employees–Health Insurance Marketplace
  • Employee Orientation Checklist for Supervisors
  • At-Will Acknowledgement Form
  • Employee Direct Deposit Authorization Form
  • Religious Accommodation Request


Performance Review & Coaching
  • Performance Review Planning Checklist
  • Employee Performance Review
  • Probationary Employee Performance Review



General HR Forms
  • Personnel Information
  • Checklist: Employee or Independent Contractor?
  • “Employee” vs. “Independent Contractor”
  • Exemption Work Sheet
  • Checklist: Employee Handbook for your Business
  • Employee Handbook Receipt Confirmation
  • Employee Healthcare Issue Certification
  • Customize for Employee
  • Report of Military Pay



Time & Attendance
  • Employee Timesheet
  • Vacation Request Form
  • Holiday Request Form


  • Termination Checklist
  • Sample Termination Letter
  • Separation Agreement & Release
  • Exit Interview Questionnaire
  • COBRA Insurance Notification