Workers Compensation

wcImgEven though it is designed to protect employees, employers often view workers’ compensation insurance with confusion, frustration and anxiety. But discovering the facts about workers’ compensation can help alleviate your fears and make your job a little easier.

Most states require workers’ compensation insurance in the event that an employee is injured or gets sick due to something in the workplace. Lack of proper coverage puts your company and your employees at risk. SmartPay offers you the most comprehensive coverage at the most competitive rates.

SmartPay offers easy, pay-as-you-go workers’ compensation insurance that doesn’t require large upfront fees or a premium deposit.“Pay-As-You-Go” is when the fees are based on your actual payroll, not on estimates, so you don’t incur any costly upfront payments.

With our Workers’ Compensation, you will:

  • Improve your cash flow by avoiding unexpected billing surprises
  • Easily budget for premiums with no upfront deposits
  • Reduce your audit exposure with predictable operating expenses, not fluctuating adjustments
  • Eliminate paper checks, as premiums are regularly debited electronically

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