HR Guide

Our suite of helpful how-to guides shows you the best way to run administrative aspects of your business. From conducting a performance review to writing an employee handbook, we provide helpful step-by-step instructions for creating sound administrative policies.

 Here are some of the guides we offer:


  • Interview Guide

    Without guidelines to follow, managers might make subjective hiring decisions based on personal likes and dislikes. Our guides can help employers identify the best person for a job and avoid legal pitfalls.

  • Develop Hiring Procedures

    This guide helps you organize the key steps necessary to ensure that the hiring process achieves its basic goal: selection of the best qualified candidate to fill the open position.

  • Terminate an Employee

    Terminating an employee is never easy. Using these guidelines will help make sure you approach employee termination in a professional manner.

  • Conduct a Performance Appraisal

    This guide discusses employer objectives in adopting a performance appraisal policy and will suggest some ways to make performance appraisals work for you.

  • Classify Your Employees

    Employers must be very careful when they classify certain employees. Our guide helps employers develop procedures for properly classifying employees as exempt or nonexempt to comply with federal and state minimum wage and overtime requirements.

  • Administer Leave & Time Off

    While employers voluntarily offer some leave programs, other programs are mandated by state and federal laws. This guide will walk you through both requirements and best practices.

  • Select Your Health Care Plan

    The health care coverage guide discusses employers’ options and cost considerations when deciding which types of plans, services, and coverage to offer and key federal and state regulations affecting employer-sponsored group health plans.

  • Write an Employee Handbook

    An employee handbook can be thought of as a guide to the employer-employee relationship. This guide explains the key information needed to write an employee handbook.

  • Manage COBRA

    Most employers with group health plans are required to offer employees the opportunity to temporarily continue their group health care coverage under their employer’s plan if their coverage otherwise would cease.

  • Make Sense of 401(k) Plans

    One of the most important benefits employers generally provide is a plan to ensure the employees achieve a secure financial future after retirement. This guide explains the different 401(k) plans that small businesses usually offer.

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